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Understanding Reverse Mortgage Principle Limit & Maximum Claims

I am 87 and received a HECM Loan, maximum claim $250,000 on June, 2006. Credit limit due to age and other factors was due to reach maximum claim in 2012.Withdrawals were denied beginning in June 2010, when the balance was around $225,000 and no withdrawals have been allowed since The server has been getting compound interest each month and HUD...
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5 Times a Reverse Mortgage Refinance Makes Perfect Sense

There are many instances when borrowers consider refinancing their reverse mortgage, but it really would not make sense for them. HUD and investors have guidelines in place that prohibit lenders from refinancing reverse mortgages when the loans do not meet certain targets for borrowers and when they are too recently closed. There are some instances that we will discuss,...
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How a Reverse Mortgage Refinance Works

Looking for a Reverse Mortgage Refinance? All Reverse Mortgage© has consistently brought exclusive offers to our customers. Let us show you how to get more from your equity with a federally-insured Reverse Mortgage Refinance. Try our New Refinance Calculator or call Toll Free (800) 565-1722 I am 70 and live with my 88 year-old mother. She is changing her current...
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