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Reverse Mortgage Age Limits & Title Cautions

  Comments 2 comments
The HUD HECM program limits the youngest borrower to the age of 62 or older to be eligible for the reverse mortgage program.  If there is a spouse of a borrower who is not yet 62, the older spouse can still get a reverse mortgage and the younger spouse can remain on title and would be known as an “eligible non-borrowing spouse”. Eligible Non-Borrowing Spouses An eligible non-borrowing spouse can also live in the home for life, even if the older spouse passes or should have to leave the home,... Read Full Article

How the Reverse Mortgage Margin Works

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One of the key questions that always surrounds any reverse mortgage is how much money you, as the borrower, will be able to draw from the loan. The amount of money you can get from the proceeds of a reverse mortgage is primarily based on two important factors: your age, and the loan’s interest rate. Typically, older a borrower is, the more money he or she can receive in proceeds. By that same token, when the interest rate is lower, generally there is more money available to borrow. The... Read Full Article

Reverse Mortgage After Death: What Heirs & Family Must Know.

  Comments 75 comments
It seems that one of the most popular questions we get is what happens with my reverse mortgage and my home after death. After all, the reverse mortgage is intended to be the last loan that borrowers will ever need, so this is a question many homeowners and their heirs have on their minds. If they do get a reverse mortgage and it does enable them to live in their homes without paying a mortgage payment for the rest of their lives, what happens after death? Borrowers may or may... Read Full Article

MetLife Reverse Mortgage Review 2019

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Today, most reverse mortgages are closed by non-bank mortgage lenders across the U.S. But going back a few years, most reverse mortgage volume was conducted by big, national banks. Among those lenders was MetLife Bank, which used to be operated by the large national insurance provider MetLife. In fact, at one time, MetLife was the largest Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) lender by volume, prior to exiting the business in 2012. If you know someone who has a reverse mortgage today, it’s very possible that he or she... Read Full Article

Reverse Mortgage Counseling | Free, Online & Nearby Availability

  Comments 4 comments
Steps to receiving your reverse mortgage counseling certificate 1. Request your pre-counseling document set above (Includes loan comparison, closing cost worksheet, amortization schedule, TALC – total annual loan costs) 2. Have these mandatory documents available: HUD document titled “preparing for your counseling session” and NCOA booklet “use Your Home to Stay Home” (.PDF versions provided below) 3. Determine whether you wish to see a counselor in person or obtain counseling by phone 4. Call around and check counselor availability and pricing. Some counseling agencies only accept payment upfront while others... Read Full Article

Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders of 2019 | Compare Reviews & Rates

  Comments 12 comments
5 Tips to Selecting Your Best Reverse Mortgage Lender  Tip #1. Get the loan that’s right for you from a lender who is looking out for your best interests Many people are convinced that they need just one thing or another and they miss other points that may make a lot more difference in the overall benefit or cost of the loan. We have borrowers who look at the cost of the appraisal fee and will go to one lender... Read Full Article

Reverse Mortgage Refinance Options for 2019

  Comments 59 comments
Question from our reader: "Can you refinance a reverse mortgage?" I received a call from the son and daughter of a senior borrower today and they wanted to know if their mother could refinance her reverse mortgage loan. I answered them honestly that yes, she could, but had to ask why she was thinking about refinancing. The reason I asked for the borrower's motivation was because I had a borrower call just a week before and ask if he could refinance because he was receiving a payment and he... Read Full Article

Everything You Need to Know About Proprietary Reverse Mortgages

  Comments no comments
Are you thinking about taking out a reverse mortgage? Have you heard the word ‘proprietary’ thrown around, and wonder what the differences are between a ‘regular’ and ‘proprietary’ reverse mortgage? Read on to learn about what those differences are, and what you should know when thinking about whether any reverse mortgage is right for you. In this overview, you’ll learn about the following topics: What does ‘proprietary’ mean? What is a ‘regular’ reverse mortgage? What is a ‘proprietary’ reverse mortgage? Maximum reverse mortgage proceeds Why would I bother... Read Full Article

Reverse Mortgage for Veterans? (VA Reverse Mortgages)

  Comments 4 comments
We have a reverse mortgage, but we were never told that there was a reverse mortgage for veterans. We have quite a bit of equity in our home. Can we refinance our current reverse mortgage to a VA reverse mortgage? Hi Debbie, FHA and VA don’t offer any loans.  HUD through FHA insures loans and the VA guarantees loans (or at least a portion of the loan), but they still do not offer the loans – it is up to lenders to offer the loans and then have... Read Full Article

The 2019 Reverse Mortgage Limit is officially $726,525

  Comments 3 comments
HUD Increases 2019 HECM Limits  HUD released their announcement verifying the news we released on November 28, 2018 raising the Mortgage Lending Limits for HECM Loans. The numbers came in exactly where we expected and so the article, we posted on November 28, 2018 is now official. But remember, the new limits are only effective with Case Numbers issued on or after January 1, 2019. What this means is that in order to be able to benefit from the increase if a borrower currently has a loan in process with... Read Full Article

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