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History of the Reverse Mortgage – 1969 to Present Day Facts

  Comments 4 comments
Reverse mortgages have been through a lot of changes in their short, 57 year (depending on who you ask) lifespan. As the story goes, the first reverse mortgage was written in 1961 to a woman in Portland, Maine by a small, local bank. The owner of the bank wanted to help the wife of his high school football coach stay in her home after her husband passed away. From there, the product took off and continues to help more older Americans remain in their homes as they age. ... Read Full Article

AARP Reverse Mortgage | What is AARP’s Role in Reverse Mortgages?

  Comments no comments
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a large, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people ages 50-plus to achieve independence—including financial independence. While the organization, which serves 37 million older Americans and counting, doesn't offer reverse mortgage products directly, it does weigh in on them in some very important ways. Here’s where AARP comes into play for retirees who may be looking into getting a reverse mortgage as a means to age in place. What does AARP think of reverse mortgages? AARP has expressed support for reverse mortgage products... Read Full Article

Marrying Someone with a Reverse Mortgage? Understand the Risks!

  Comments no comments
Kai has sent the following question Ask ARLO! My fiancé' (age 68) has a reverse mortgage on his home. I believe it was signed in 2017. We live in WA state and have a defacto marriage 9 years now but are going to legally marry this year. What rights do I have to stay in the home should he die? I am 61. Hello Kai, You have two different issues and I can only really address one. The first is the title. If you are not on title... Read Full Article

Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons: Let’s Start with the CONS!

  Comments 30 comments
I can almost hear it now... “This is an article written by a company who does reverse mortgages so there probably won’t be any cons!” As passionate as we are about the reverse mortgage and its many advantages, there are also drawbacks. We make certain that we point out the pros and cons to all reverse mortgage applicants. The loan can be great, but not for everyone. We advise anyone considering this loan to know their goals and to seek help from your family and a trusted financial advisor. Reverse... Read Full Article

When a Reverse Mortgage Refinance Makes Sense (2019 Update)

  Comments 55 comments
5 Instances a Reverse Mortgage Refinance Makes Sense:  1. Your home value has increased considerably 2. You originally obtained your loan when the lending limit was less than the 2019 HECM limit of $726,525  3. You are adding a younger spouse now age 62 to protect them from having to sell the home upon your death 4. To benefit from a lower interest rate or margin 5. Refinance into a larger proprietary or jumbo reverse mortgage plans Qualifications to Refinance: You must still have a significant equity position in your home.... Read Full Article

2019’s Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders | Compare Limits, Rates & Fees

  Comments 12 comments
Q: How to choose the right reverse mortgage company? I am looking for the best reverse mortgage lender. I have felt I was being cheated in the pass from a lender, so I decided against it, because of high fees, Interest rate, insurance premium, and closing fees. Also I understand there will be, once again changes in the Reverse Mortgage. Some are saying it may close down permanently, is this... Read Full Article

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Rate Reverse Mortgages

  Comments no comments
Fixed Rate Reverse Mortgages – which is right for you? Many senior borrowers have been raised on the idea that a fixed rate loan is the “only way to go”.  Still others remember back to the early 80’s when interest rates climbed as high as 18%.  Some borrowers experienced rising interest rates from adjustable rate loans (or knew others who did) and some remember family and friends whose payments rose to a point where they could no longer afford their homes. A fixed rate locks the rate in for the... Read Full Article

Reverse Mortgage Repayments to Stop Negative Amortization

  Comments no comments
You may think you understand reverse mortgages—and you probably do. They are, simply put, a type of mortgage that allows you to receive payments from your home equity rather than make them. It’s a negatively amortizing loan, meaning the balance grows over time, instead of falling. But there are some benefits that borrowers might not consider initially, that give reverse mortgages some outside-the-box applications that could help you improve your financial situation. One little known fact, for example, is that you can get a reverse mortgage and can actually make... Read Full Article

Here Are The Banks That Offer Reverse Mortgages (2019 List)

  Comments no comments
When it comes to getting a reverse mortgage, you may start by wondering what type of lender to work with, and specifically: which banks offer reverse mortgages. Perhaps you used a national or regional bank for a mortgage loan in the past as many of the big banks offer mortgage lending services. It’s also possible you worked with a non-bank mortgage lender, as these companies are also active in the mortgage lending space. There are many banks that offer reverse mortgages, although most of the major national banks, such... Read Full Article

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?… Let’s Weigh the Pros and Cons

  Comments 1 comment
Like many Americans in retirement, you may find yourself wondering about the best financial course to take and how to best use the money and assets you have worked to build over time. For many baby boomers, the home is the largest asset they have. You probably have built up your equity over the years and you may even own your home free and clear. One way to access that equity is through a reverse mortgage. If you are thinking about a reverse mortgage versus selling your property, here are... Read Full Article

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