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In your current area 100 homeowners are currently utilizing reverse mortgages to better enhance their retirement years, with 500,000 nationwide!

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The minimum qualifying age for a reverse mortgage is 55

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10 Alleged Downsides of Reverse Mortgages Dispelled

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Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders of 2024: Top 20 Companies Reviewed & Rated

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Using a Reverse Mortgage Purchase for New Construction

Can a contractor build a new home for you and finance it with a reverse mortgage upon completion?  Thank you -Bob The short answer to your question is, yes, you can.  As a matter of fact, HUD has just made changes to the program effective in 2024 and made financing reverse mortgage purchases and new construction easier than ever with a reverse mortgage. HUD Policies on Reverse Mortgages for New Construction In response to evolving needs in the housing market, HUD has continued to refine its approach... Read Full Article

How to Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage: Key Requirements Explained

If you're considering a reverse mortgage, you must meet specific qualifications.  In this article, we will discuss the requirements for obtaining a federally insured reverse mortgage. We'll highlight the key differences between government-insured and private programs and provide guidance on how to best prepare if you decide that a reverse mortgage is right for you. Credit Considerations for Reverse Mortgages While your home equity is crucial, it's not the only factor in obtaining a reverse mortgage.  Your overall debt and credit history also play significant roles. Credit History... Read Full Article

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How the Reverse Mortgage Margin & Libor Rate Works

Understanding Your Reverse Mortgage: Key Factors One of the most common questions about a reverse mortgage is how much money you, as the borrower, can receive.  The amount you can get depends mainly on two factors: your age and the loan's interest rate and margin. Typically, the older you are, the more money you can receive.  Lower interest rates also mean you can borrow more.  A higher loan margin means the interest rate must be lower to increase the amount you can receive from a reverse mortgage. The important... Read Full Article

What to Expect When Your Reverse Mortgage is Assigned to HUD

We received a notice that our reverse mortgage loan is being assigned to HUD, along with the name of the handling company.  This company has numerous complaints, especially about foreclosing before heirs can settle the home.  I am the beneficiary of my mom's house, which is in a trust and a will to avoid probate.  What recourse do I have if they refuse to work with me and foreclose despite my efforts?  The complaints mention lies, runarounds, no payoff amounts, and unreturned calls.  This is terrifying, as there's enough equity... Read Full Article

Is Tom Selleck Reverse Mortgage Company Selling Snake Oil?

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