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Will the Brexit Impact Reverse Mortgages?

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As you have heard by now, Brexit happened. The United Kingdom voted in referendum in June to leave the European Union. Though nothing catastrophic has happened as a result, there will likely be some slow changes taking place across the real estate landscape in the U.S. in the coming years, especially when it comes to the housing market.   Since...
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Reverse Mortgages: What Happens After Death?

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Seems that one of the most popular questions we get is what happens with my reverse mortgage and my home after death. After all, the reverse mortgage is intended to be the last loan that borrowers will ever need, so this is a question many Mature Americans and their heirs have on their minds. If they do get a reverse...
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Reverse Mortgage Servicing, Setting the Record Straight.

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Loan servicing is a critical component to the reverse mortgage process. It’s also one of the most misunderstood functions by borrowers. A reverse mortgage goes through several different cycles throughout the life of the loan. The loan begins in the origination stage, moves to closing and then enters the servicing phase, where the reverse mortgage will remain throughout the life of the...
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Reverse Mortgage & Bankruptcy Implications

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We have recently had several borrowers who had previously obtained a reverse mortgage call and ask us what the effect would be on those reverse mortgages if they had to now begin a bankruptcy proceeding. While we are not attorneys and would always advise you to seek competent legal advice from an attorney in your state, we did want to...
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Yes. You Can Refinance a Reverse Mortgage

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Looking for a Reverse Mortgage Refinance? All Reverse Mortgage© has consistently brought exclusive offers to our customers. Let us show you how to get more from your equity with a federally-insured Reverse Mortgage Refinance - Request Your Quote Here – Question from our reader "Can you refinance a reverse mortgage?" I received a call from the son and daughter of...
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Skip Tenure Plan & Go for the Credit Line Growth

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If you’re thinking about taking out a reverse mortgage, it’s important to understand all of its unique features.   Did you know that the federally-insured home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) program has a loan payment option that actually grows over time, thereby increasing your borrowing capacity?   The HECM program allows homeowners aged 62 and older to access the home...
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6 Signs You’re Ready for a Reverse Mortgage

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  1. You’re 62! Happy birthday! The federally-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program requires borrowers to be at least 62 years of age in order to qualify for the loan.   Other basic requirements include owning your home outright or with most of your mortgage paid off, maintaining that home as your primary residence, and staying current on property tax...
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The Absolute TRUTH About Reverse Mortgages

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  A recent comment from our reader: To whom it may concerns i have read so many reverse mortgage info. sounds like it’snot really to help you but to help them selves. It’s designed to make you think they are helping you but you really are giving away your home. you are selling it to them for a very low...
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