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A person I know from Palm Desert, CA. Has rented her home and moved to Florida. I know she has been gone for 3 years. I have some of her bank info. Who do I contact to report her?

By Marseille L. on 11.21.2018

Hello Marseille,

We do not encourage borrowers to obtain a reverse mortgage and then rent the property out and move away, as that burdens and endangers the program for everyone else who needs it.   We also do not encourage anyone to do anything considered illegal. 

I am unsure how you obtained another individual’s bank records, and I certainly would not encourage you to divulge another person’s private records to anyone.  However, you can get public information and report an abuse of the reverse mortgage program to HUD.  The HUD Case Number will appear on the recorded Deed of Trust if you know the property address. 

In Riverside County HUD cases, that number would have been received by the Santa Ana Homeownership Center (HOC), and that number will start with 048-…  With that number, you could contact HUD and notify them of the nature of the occupancy.  They can get the servicer for an occupancy inspection, but you may be spinning your wheels.  Whether or not they respond or how quickly, though, will be entirely up to them, and HUD has not been extremely easy to contact or swift to move in most instances.

The FHA/HUD numbers are available online, but I warn you, I don’t know how helpful they will be.  HUD does not service the loan and may or may not do much to assist you.  You can’t have a clear path to notify the correct entity without knowing who the servicer is.


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