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President, Cliff Auerswald

Cliff Auerswald, President of All Reverse Mortgage, Inc. and co-creator of ARLO™ , has 24 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry. Cliff has devoted the past 17 years to reverse mortgages exclusively and heads All Reverse Mortgage’s digital marketing and online lead generation.



I started in the mortgage industry at just 17 years of age when I signed up for ROP (Regional Occupational Program) through my high school.  I worked at a second trust deed company my mother managed in Tustin, CA. While there, I learned how to run borrower’s credit reports and other front end origination duties including data entry into loan origination software, using other vendor systems, etc.

When I graduated from Villa Park High School in 1998, I obtained my real estate license from Real Estate Trainers in Santa Ana. My goal at the time was to set a record as the youngest real estate broker in California.  As soon as I met the 2-year minimum time-period required by the State of California before a person with a salesperson’s license was eligible to apply to become a licensed Broker, I immediately passed my Broker’s exam at age 21 and obtained my license.

I always remember the words of my stepfather Michael Branson, “The more you know, the more valuable you are.” “At the times when the volume slows drastically and companies must determine who they need to lay off, the employees with the best work ethic and who have the greatest knowledge, can cover the most desks, are the ones who are most likely to keep their jobs.” With this in mind (and while waiting to take my state Broker’s exam), I learned as many positions as I could. I first learned Jr. Processing, then Jr. Underwriting and later passed a complete underwriting certification offered by MGIC Mortgage Insurance as an independent mortgage underwriter.


At the age of 23, with a growing family of my own, I could see that the there was a much greater income potential in the sales side of the mortgage banking industry and therefore I made the decision to move into a sales and marketing position.

I created several marketing strategies for the evolving Alt A product then later became the top producing account executive at Pacific Community Mortgage, Inc. (PCM).  I was subsequently promoted to Sales manager where I trained and managed my own team of account executives.

As early as age 10 I had a deep curiosity for delving into how things work, particularly all things mechanical. It was at age 10 that I dismantled our family desktop computer from RadioShack, a “Tandy 1000”, wanting to understand the parts that made it function and or function faster. I began at this early age to learn how the software and code functioned.

As a self-taught musician, I find marketing to be the most rewarding piece of the ‘business part’ of my workday as it helps to satisfy my creative needs. I believe experiencing the curiosity for mechanical, engineering, and musical endeavors early in life helped me visualize the processes involved in problem solving and helps me feel the emotions from a consumer standpoint. Harnessing this, I have been able to effectively communicate in ways our industry has been largely missing.

Today you can find me on YouTube educating both industry and non-industry individuals regarding how reverse mortgages work or serving as an expert panelist to the reverse mortgage industry for online marketing and technology.


All Reverse Mortgage, Inc, Beginnings

After we completed a life changing reverse mortgage for my own grandmother, I questioned why this program was so underutilized and misunderstood. In 2007 my stepfather (Michael G. Branson) and I started All Reverse Mortgage, Inc. with the desire to mainstream reverse mortgages by bringing education and consumer shopping tools forefront to a legitimate industry we had felt was being restrained by gimmicky advertising and high-pressure call centers. 17 years later, All Reverse Mortgage has become the leader of online education, generating record volumes of organic visitors, and has disrupted many of the industry norms by developing the first and only upfront consumer pricing calculator available online 24/7. ARLO™ has helped change reverse mortgages by empowering seniors with educational resources, personal advice, and the ability to shop for their best loan terms without the high-pressure sales which are all too common in today’s mortgage borrowing experience.



Cliff has specialized in and continues to write about reverse mortgages for over 17 years and is the President of All Reverse Mortgage, Inc. He has been interviewed for publications such as Kiplinger Magazine, Reverse Mortgage Daily,, Home Healthcare News.

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Cliff Auerswald, President of All Reverse Mortgage, Inc. and co-creator of ARLO™ , has 24 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry. Cliff has devoted the past 18 years to reverse mortgages exclusively and heads All Reverse Mortgage’s digital marketing and online lead generation.