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Introducing the Platinum Reverse Mortgage

The Platinum Reverse Mortgage is the NEW reverse mortgage that produces higher loan limits than the HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (up to $4,000,000!). In addition to accommodating higher property values, the Platinum Program will save you thousands with $0 mortgage insurance charges. (No upfront or ongoing MIP). 

The platinum even works for those with Non-FHA Approved condo'sand New Home Purchases

Platinum Features

There are no upfront or annual mortgage insurance premiums which will save you as much as $13,593.00 in upfront mortgage insurance charges when compared to the federally-insured HECM loan, and thousands more in monthly MIP renewals. 

By popular demand, the Platinum is also offered as secure fixed interest rate for the life of the loan, and allows for you to take less than the full amount available at closing. 

Loan amounts can go up to $4,000,000 with no cap on property values and offers the same non-recourse protections as a federally-insured reverse mortgage loan. 


Platinum Highlights & Eligibility

Minimum Home Value – $350,000

Maximum Loan Amount – $4,000,000

Purchase Transactions & New Construction 

Choice of full or partial cash out disbursement at closing

No Upfront or Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP)

Non-Recourse Protection


Eligible Property Types

Single family residence

Two- to four-family residences whereby the borrower(s) occupy one of the units

Non-FHA Approved Condominiums (FNMA approved, FNMA warrantable projects under a Limited Review process or FHA approved are eligible!)


The additional funds available and the increased availability of the platinum program is fantastic news for homeowners who have been limited to just the HUD HECM program!

After all, more choices and options is always a good thing for borrowers looking to meet their particular financial needs and the Platinum Reverse will help do just that.


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