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5 Memorable Reverse Mortgage Spokesmen

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Posts Tagged 'henry winkler'

5 Memorable Reverse Mortgage Spokesmen

5 Memorable Reverse Mortgage Spokesmen Reverse mortgages have had many famous faces over the years. From iconic television and film actors to a one-time U.S. presidential candidate, celebrities from all walks of life have espoused the many advantages that a reverse mortgage can provide for older homeowners in their retirement years. While spokesmen have come and gone over the...
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Reverse Mortgage Celebrities: Fred Thompson & Henry Winkler

If you were channel-surfing recently and caught a glimpse of the Fonz (a.k.a. Henry Winkler) on TV, chances are it wasn't a rerun of Happy Days—it was a reverse mortgage commercial. That’s right: In addition to acting and authoring children’ books, Winkler has added ‘spokesman’ to his resume. The product he’s endorsing is the reverse mortgage, which allows homeowners aged...
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