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Home / Questions / Must manufactured homes be built after 1976 for a Reverse Mortgage?

Hi Arlo, In answer to a previous question, you stated that manufactured homes must be built after 1976, but I've been told it must be after 1990. Which is correct?

By Sharon M. on 11.30.2018

Hi Sharon,

HUD Mortgagee Letter 2009-16 outlines HUD’s minimum requirements for Manufactured homes.  It states that the house must be constructed after June 15, 1976, by the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, as evidenced by an affixed certification label by 24 CFR 3280.11. 

It states that any homes manufactured before that date or that do not contain the certification label (often referred to as the HUD tags) are not eligible.  Those are not the only minimum requirements, and if you would like to read the entire HUD Mortgage Letter to see all the minimum requirements, you can find it here HUD Mortgagee Letter 2009-16.

That does not mean that the individual who quoted you that their required build date was 1990 or later was “wrong,” though.  The HUD requirements are the absolute minimum that HUD will accept for the program.  Lenders may impose additional “overlays” or guidelines/restrictions they feel are necessary in addition to the HUD guidelines. 

If you spoke with a lender saying that they could not place a loan on a manufactured home built before 1990, that is the date the lender feels necessary for responsible lending.  They cannot make their guidelines less restrictive than HUD, but they can determine that they must impose an even stricter rule and often do. 

Most reverse mortgage lenders also require that a manufactured home must be at least doublewide in size.  HUD only stipulates that the minimum size is 400 square feet, but lenders have found this property size very difficult to market in the case of foreclosure. Therefore, most will not allow a manufactured home of this size.  So, when you look at the HUD requirements, know that these are the absolute minimum requirements that must be met. 

If your home meets all these requirements and you speak with a lender that will still not lend on your property, take heart; you may still be able to find the loan you are looking for.  It may be just a matter of shopping around to find a lender willing to accept your circumstances, so my advice is to keep looking and asking.