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5 Memorable Reverse Mortgage Spokesmen

5 Memorable Reverse Mortgage Spokesmen Reverse mortgages have had many famous faces over the years. From iconic television and film actors to a one-time U.S. presidential candidate, celebrities from all walks of life have espoused the many advantages that a reverse mortgage can provide for older homeowners in their retirement years. While spokesmen have come and gone over the...
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Getting a Reverse Mortgage Online -vs- in Person

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Making the decision to apply for a reverse mortgage is a large decision in and of itself, but once you do decide you’re ready, you will have a choice to make whether you want to work with a loan officer over the phone or in person. You can complete a reverse mortgage in person with a local loan officer...
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Don’t be Rushed by Reverse Mortgage Celebrity Call Centers

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I usually write articles and blogs based on the current state of affairs in our industry or based on the feedback I'm getting from customers at the time.  It seems that now more than ever, I'm getting online blog requests and calls from borrowers who are telling me that they are feeling a lot of pressure from loan originators on...
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Tennessee’s #1 Rated Reverse Mortgage Lender (A+ BBB 5 Stars!)

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Tennessee is turning into an attractive retirement destination thanks to the fairly recent introduction of retiree-friendly tax laws and an overall lower-than-average cost of living. If you live in Tennessee already or are thinking about moving to or within the state, here are some ways a reverse mortgage could help. The federally-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)...
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Reverse Mortgage Lenders in South Carolina | SC Saves Thousands!

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South Carolina is a popular retirement destination thanks to its lower-than-average cost of living, moderate climate, and high population of older adults. Whether you’re already a South Carolina resident or are considering moving there, here are some things to consider if you’re also thinking about using the reverse mortgage, which allows homeowners aged 62 and older to access their...
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Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Texas: Saving TX Seniors Thousands!

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If you are thinking about getting a reverse mortgage in Texas, there are a few things to know about why the loans are slightly different in Texas. As a reverse mortgage borrower and Texas resident, however, you will still be able to get a reverse mortgage under the Federal Housing Administration’s insurance program, which applies nationwide. You’ll face all of...
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